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Alain The Little Ghost From Beyond

Alain The Little Ghost From Beyond 

By Elsa Rossi


It was the Autumn of 2003.


In the small city of Saint Etienne, in the interior of France, school was starting again.  The Head Master of Saint Etienne Lyceum was a bit concerned because many parents were trying to enrol their children in his school but he had no more vacancies.  That year the demand was beyond his best expectations.  His Lyceum was know all over France because of an extraordinary and wonderful thing -  A little ghost was living there!


Yes, that’s right, a little ghost named Alain had been living in the Lyceum for many years.


On a lovely sunny morning, the school bell rang to announce the beginning of the new school year.  Happy children were going to their classrooms.  Soon, the teacher would arrive to welcome the new students.


Above the normal noise of the children playing together, different sounds could be heard but not recognized or understood. After all, it was the first day of school and everyone was excited.


The teacher arrived and all the students ran into the room.  It was very crowded as they all stood there with anticipation.  Some were here for the very first time, others had been there since kindergarten.  One thing was common to them all:  they all were talking about Alain, the smiling little ghost.


Ms. Beatrice entered room 13 where the students ranged from 9 to 11 years old.  She welcomed her new students and asked them to introduce themselves, saying their names, the city they came from and to tell the others a little about themselves.


A boy named Konrad who was 11, introduced himself.  This was his first time at the Lyceum, his family had just moved from Alsace in the North of France.  Other students introduced themselves.


When it was Marjorie’s turn, instead of following the same order, she asked a question about the friendly ghost named Alain.  The whole class laughed, even Ms. Beatrice. Everyone wanted to ask the same question.


Ms. Beatrice asked Marjorie to finish introducing herself and when all the other students finished, she would tell us all about Alain- the ghost from beyond.


As soon as the last students finished their introductions, Marjorie was about to open her mouth when Ms. Beatrice put her fingers on her lips, asking for silence and to be patient.


My dear students!  Today we start another school year.  Your duties are to attend class, behave properly and to do your homework.  My duties are to teach you, to answer your questions and be available to help when you need me.


Many of you either know or have heard about Alain. He is a friendly little ghost and friend to all children.  Some of you can see or hear him, others can not.  For those who can, you are normal.  You just have additional abilities and sensitivities the others don’t.  Marjorie interrupted and asked who is he???


Alain was a student of this Lyceum over 70 years ago who had a terrible accident and died.  His life was based on love and attention for all the students, teachers, parents and staff of this school. When he departed to the spiritual plain of life, everyone was very sad and couldn’t accept his death. Because of this, his spirit remains here, in spite of not having his physical body anymore.  

He realized that some students and even some workers were able to see him, which made him very happy!  Alain first spoke to the children, teachers and workers through a man that worked in the school.  The man became the intermediary or “medium” between Alain and the others: medium is a person who serves as a go-between or intermediary between the souls of spirits and men.


Time and the years passed…


Frequently, when children became ill or in some kind of need, they would tell their parents that Alain was with them.  With his presence they would get better and go back to school more rapidly.


The same thing would happen to some teachers when they got sick or had other kinds of problems. They would say they had dreams and Alain was there to help solve their problems.


The little ghost loved to play with the children and to feel how they reacted to his communication and actions.  He was playful and would move their pens and pencils and make them fall on the floor or he would play with the water fountain and make it splash in their face during the summer when they were drinking.  Everyone knew it was Alain just being playful.  We were all familiar with his jokes, some of us could even see him getting ready to play tricks on the others.


Alain was always there, generation after generation and up to the present time.  He is still with us today.  This Lyceum has its own “protector” and little ghost will become your friend and playmate too.


Ms. Beatrice finished her explanations about Alain and Marjorie who had remained silent for so long, burst out with another question (this girl was just a chatter box of questions).  “How do we know his name is Alain?” 


Ms. Beatrice responded by saying people who can see him recognize his face from the pictures of the little boy that had studied here and died in the accident.  That’s why. 


Marjorie interrupted again, “Don’t ghosts make scary sounds and do things to scare us?” Does Alain do the same?


Just then, Marjorie jumped out of her chair and pointed to something next to Ms. Beatrice…. It was Alain, moving and making just those kinds of scary sounds to tease Marjorie.


Teacher!!  It is Alain and he is asking if he is allowed to speak!  Marjorie was so excited.  Please let him speak, let him!


Ms. Beatrice said “Marjorie, only you can see and hear him, can anyone else see or hear Alain?”  The students looked at each other and then Konrad said “I can see him too.”  She asked Konrad, “What does Alain want to say?”


Marjorie interrupted and said “He just wanted to welcome the students and say hello.”  Marjorie was acting as an intermediary for Alain’s message to the other students.


Konrad added, “He is happy we are here and looks forward to the new school year with us.  He says he  gets sad and lonely, when the school is empty during the three month break and now that we are back, he is very happy again.”


Ms. Beatrice said, “Let’s thank Alain and welcome him by clapping our hands, so he can feel how happy we are to have him here too.” 


Thank you Alain, Marjorie and Konrad for that, now let’s get back to talking about the school year, your studies and what we are going to do.


The first school day continued without any more interruptions.  At the end of the day the children returned to their homes…


Konrad and Marjorie live in the same neighbourhood and were friends before the first day at school.  They were playing and discussing what had happened at school and about Alain.


Marjorie’s house was closer to the school.  Her street had lots of trees and flowers on the side of the pavement.  There was a soft breeze blowing through the branches.


Suddenly, there was a sound that they heard before,  Uugh…Uugh…. Uugh…Uugh! 


Marjorie smiled to Konrad and said “Do you think it could be Alain?”  Could he have followed us from school?  I can’t see him, can you Konrad?


No, I can not see him.  It must be the wind moving the trees and leaves just singing at the end of the day.


Marjorie gave Konrad a hug and said good bye to her friend as they arrived at her house.


Konrad continued alone to his house and thought about how he would tell his parents about his first day at school and that he had heard and seen Alain, the little ghost.


He was thinking that spirits belong in the spiritual world, and about poor Alain!


When he arrived home, he put his rucksack away, washed his hands and then went to find his Mum.  He found her cooking in the kitchen and gave her a hello kiss and hug.


His Mum asked how his first day at school was.  She was very curious about his day and asked him lots of questions.  He was glad to tell her about the day. 


He said he was going to be happy at the Lyceum and how fortunate that it was close to home.  His family had a very large house with lots of land and gardens.  It also had horses, sheep, cattle and a pond with fish. 


He wanted to study animals and plants when he grew up and this house and farm were perfect!

After all his Mother’s questions, she had not asked about the little ghost and Konrad really wanted to tell her about Alain.


His family was already studying the Spiritist Doctrine and although he was very young, he was aware of life continuity after death.


Every week, Konrad ’s parents studied the Spirit’s Book and with their knowledge of the of spirits, visions and manifestations they were not scared because they knew souls continue to live on in another plane of life.

Konrad was born in a house of love and prayer.  He  meditated about Alain and spoke of him to his parents.


He felt bad that Alain’s spirit remained in the Lyceum and knew that it needed to ascend to the spiritual plane  in order for it to learn and evolve. 


“Isn’t this true and don’t you think I am right?” he asked his mum.


Having listened to Konrad as he spoke, his mum answered:  “Alain decided to remain at the Lyceum because of all the feelings people had when he disincarnated.  These strong and continued thoughts of the living ones have influenced Alain and keep him from rising to the ethereal plane.


Let’s wait until your Father arrives home and we can continue this together.


After his father arrived home they had dinner and then settled in the living room to discuss Alain and to see if they could help the spirit of Alain.

His father had already heard the stories about Alain and the Lyceum’s little ghost and they should continue their discussion tomorrow during their gospel at home studies.  They would ask the benefactors to help them vibrate for the spirit Alain and to address the spirit helpers to take Alain to the spiritual school where he could learn about the continuity of life and the new opportunities of reincarnation.


Konrad’s parents had been spiritists for a long time and had the habit of exercising their love and fraternity through their prayers and gospel at home.


With that planned, Konrad went to school the next day.  Guess who was waiting for him by the big iron gate?


Exactly, it was Alain!


As soon as he saw him, Konrad sent him a loving thought, but Alain was not very happy.  He was concerned about how Konrad thought about him acting solely alone among the incarnated people the way he was doing.


Konrad knew that without his physical body, Alain should be in the Spiritual world where he belonged. Alain knew that he should have gone to the schools on the spiritual plane in order to get prepared for his next incarnation, but he was reluctant and the time was coming, and he could sense it.


As Konrad approached Alain, he started to pray and ask Jesus for help!  The little ghost disappeared in seconds from Konrad’s sight. Meanwhile, Marjorie entered with a big smile on her face.  They had walked together to their classroom and took their seats.


Before the teacher’s arrival, Konrad told Marjorie about the meeting his family had every week about the Gospel at home and what was going to happen later in the evening before dinner.


Marjorie had the special abilities of a medium and the faculty of clairvoyance, just like Konrad .  She asked if she could take part in the family meeting and pray with them because she wanted to help the little ghost.  Konrad happily agreed to her request.


The second school day came to its end.  Marjorie and Konrad walked home together playing along the way.  When they arrived at Konrad ’s house, his Mother had begun to  prepare for the family’s meeting and started  to play some light music to set the mood for the spiritual meeting.  On the table she had put a jar of water, some glasses and a copy of the Gospel According to Spiritism.   The afternoon passed and the time had come to start the meeting.


Marjorie was very excited and wondered what was going to happen.  Konrad’s father called them all to the meeting room and they sat around the table.  He asked them to close their eyes and think only good things.  He welcomed Marjorie to the meeting and asked her to be quiet and think of Alain.


Konrad’s father then started reading and then made comments about the chapter of the Gospel he had just finished reading. 


The room was illuminated as they were blessed by the purity of the light present during the moments of devout prayer.


When they were doing the final prayer, Mr. John asked for help for Alain.  Suddenly, Alain arrived assisted by two helpers.  Konrad noticed that Alain was calm but had tears coming down his face.  They were tears of happiness.


Alain was happy to be receiving the positive vibrations from the four people sitting around the table and from his two new helpers that had brought him to the meeting.  The power of reading the Gospel was great and filled everyone’s heart, because they knew that they were not alone in this task of love and fraternity through prayer.


Both Konrad and Marjorie could see when the two helping spirits took Alain by his arms and took him to the Spiritual world, a good place where he would be able to rest and go to school to learn.  After seventy years, he deserved to be in peace for he had been a good person when he was incarnated.


The meeting ended and everyone was happy that Alain was going to be in a better place and with his friends and family who had been waiting for so long to be with him again.


Konrad’s Mother cleared the table and prepared to serve dinner.  They enjoyed the dinner and talked about Spiritism.  Marjorie was glad to be invited to come to their house each week to listen and learn the Gospel According to Spiritism.


Konrad walked Marjorie home and they talked about the good thing that just happened to Alain.


Time went by, the months passed and the school year was coming to an end.


Alain became a dear memory.  Sometimes he came to visit his friends Konrad and Marjorie who had helped him through their dreams.


The years passed.  The students, teachers and workers could no longer see Alain, but they kept his story in their memories.

Whenever someone from that town mentions where they studied when they were children, the answer is always the same:


“At the little ghost’s Lyceum” and they would have a big smile on their face.




The End…



·                                Clairvoyance: paranormal sight. The apparent ability to see in the mind’s eye, people, objects, words etc.


·                                Mediumship: The exercise of the medianimic faculty. The calling, work, mission or action of a medium.


·                                Spiritism: Set of laws and principles, as revealed by the Superior Spirits (1857-Paris), contained in the works of Allan Kardec, which constitute the Spiritist Codification: The Spirits’ Book, The Mediums’ Book, The Gospel According to Spiritism, Heaven and Hell and The Genesis. It reveals new and more profound concepts with respect to God, the Universe, the Human Being, the Spirits and the Laws which govern life itself.


·                                Spiritist: A partisan of Spiritism. One who believes in the fact of spirit manifestations.


Alain The Little Ghost From Beyond  by Elsa Rossi

Translation – Luciana and Russ Davis - UK

Revision Alec Guifford - UK  - 7th January 2008

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Elsa Rossi received a BA in Arts from the Faculty of Belas Artes of Sao Paulo, Brazil. She has been writing poems for many years. After the birth of her 3 children, Elsa began to write stories for children with their participation. Elsa uses daily situations in order to create educational stories, thus emphasising the benefits of not telling lies and not fighting against their brothers and sisters. Her stories focus on the key human qualities of forgiveness and tolerance.


Elsa has already published too books in Portuguese and Spanish. Thirty more books in Spanish, French, English and Portuguese can easily be accessed on the internet for free. www.elsarossi.com

Elsa has written 2 books of Poems: “Anthology of Sentiments” and “Sea Songs”.


Elsa’s joy is to be able to create new stories and tales. Many were inspired by her six grandchildren: Talles, Kalel, Joshua, Isabella, Georgia and Nicolas.


In her work as a disseminator of Spiritism, Elsa is a columnist for the Journal “The Immortal” and since 1998 has been editing the bulletins of International Spiritist Council www.spiritist.org

The Black Crow and the Fox with Golden Fur


by Elsa Rossi



Once upon a time there lived a small black crow who lived all alone in one of the many fig trees growing in a very large garden.


One lazy afternoon, a pitiful sound was heard coming from the crow.  He was crying.


Daniel and all his friends asked Daniel’s father, why he crow was making such a noise.


Daniels’ father replied, that many years ago the little crow had, as a partner, a small female black crow.   Then one day a terrible thing happened.


Daniel and his friend’s eyes were wide open with anticipation, waiting to hear what had happened.


Then Daniel’s father said: 


- “ Do you remember the fox with the golden fur?”


- “Yes”, - replied Daniel.

Well, the fox with the golden fur hunted the female black crow and ate her.


-“Oh, that’s such a pity”, said Daniel and his friends.

-“Well, it’s totally true”, said Daniel’s father.


-“Poor little black crow”, replied all the boys together.


- “Father”, asked Daniel.


- Would this be why the little black crow cries when the sunset arrives every afternoon?”


- “Perhaps”, said Daniels father! Who knows?


-         “Father, may I ask another question?”

-         “Yes”, said Daniel’s father.

- “Do birds have feelings as we do?”


- “No”, replied father.  “Generally animals and birds have instincts, although some may say that on rare occasions birds and animals do indeed possess feelings”.


- “But, if the little black crow is crying, is it because he is missing his mate?  Is he suffering?”


- “I really don’t know”, said Daniel’s father


Daniel continued to ask questions regarding animals and their behaviour.


-         “Father?”

-         “Yes Daniel?”


- “Father, I have noticed that lately the little fox is coming on its own.  What’s happened to its’ partner?”


Daniels father said: 


- “Well the hunter came; he hunted the male fox, now the female is left alone.”

Daniel pondered on all his father had said to him, then asked: 


- “Father, why do we have hunters in our day and age?”


Daniel’s father sat and thought about his response for some time. 


Eventually he said to his son: 


-“Son, in reply to your question, the type of man, who can do this sort of thing, is actually much less than an animal, bird or even an insect.” 


And continuing… - “Unfortunately, those types of human beings seems to have only instinct. They did not developing the possession of total human sentiment when they came to this world, only instinct unfortunately.”


It was getting dark.  Daniels friends went home.  Daniel was about to ask more questions, but his father said to him:


-         “Daniel, come in now, wash your hands, eat some supper, then sleep.”


-                     “Hello, my dear friend, who is reading this little tale: Tomorrow will be another day.  Perhaps, if you dream a lovely dream for the little black crow, then he will find himself another little female black crow.”


-                     “If you sleep well, you may even dream a special dream, to make the lonely fox find himself a beautiful new mate, one who has gorgeous golden fur, and together they will go on to make friends and tell other foxes, that it’s great to have black crow friends, and that they can all live happily ever after.”



Revised by Alec Gifford  -  UK   -  6th January 2008

“The House in the Orchard”

The House in the Orchard

by Elsa Rossi


Once upon a time in a tiny city by the sea. There, at the top of the hill, a house was almost hidden in middle of very tall trees, but two towers could be seen. 


Seen from a distance, the house seemed to be a church, or if seen from a different angle it seemed to look like a castle. 


The trees around the house were so tall that its huge windows could barely be seen.


Its stonewalls were covered with ivy, which is a little green plant that goes up and up towards the sky.   Thus, ivy had grown attaching itself to the walls of the old house in a very beautiful manner. Some windows were always kept closed.


The inhabitants of that region said that fifty years ago that house used to be a very happy place, where many parties were thrown and where many guests used to come and go around its gorgeous gardens. 


Many years ago a tragic thing happened, and since then its only inhabitant never opened the doors to guests again.


  How sad to see the trees left without proper care. Plants and flowers disappearing on among bushes that were now replacing what once had been a beautiful garden.


In the backyard there were many apple trees, which insisted on producing beautiful fruit.  Even the apple trees seemed old and tired now!


No one enjoyed its fruit.


Little birds found a great source of food there. Stalks of old trees were covered with moss and insects.  Foxes went there to enjoy the apples that had fallen from the trees. Even then, many apples went rotten and became fertilizer that renovates the soil.


No one dared to go near the House in the Bush, for this was how the house became known for many generations.  It was said that a very bad old man was living in there and he did not want anyone to go near it.


As time passed by the real story was forgotten and people were not interested anymore in knowing who was living there, or what this person’s occupation was.


Many years passed by. 


Around the house, a city was growing with new buildings, streets and places.


Many children would come and go from school passing in front of the big old gate, which was always closed. 


That day was a very sunny and bright day.


A new family had moved into the number 53 which had borders with number 55, the House in the Bush.


A happy healthy family of 5 moved in.


Ah! Let’s not forget the smiling dog Lily.  Lily was treated as a member of Mr. Jacques’s family: Mrs. Mary and the children, Charles, Claudia and Mirelle.  Monsieur Jacques had been transferred from Belgium by his employers and was settled down in that growing neighbourhood with his family, in the suburbs of that little city.


Thus, Mr. Jacques and his family who did not know anything about the old stories of the neighbourhood went out for a walk to get to know the area. 

 Lily, their little dog, had black and white fur. It was always in good mood and was a source of joy for the family, entertaining everybody with her pirouettes    and running ahead of the children.


The three children, Charles, Mirelle and Claudia had got little Lily, when she was still being breast-fed. Her mother had been run over and died from the wounds. 


Lily had been brought up with zeal and tenderness, and in recognition to the dedication of the children, Lily was obedient and very hygienic. Lily did not try to escape from her bath time, collaborating with the maintenance of cleanliness of all rooms. It made Mrs. Mary very happy. 


And Mrs. Mary was very demanding in establishing the order of the objects and the cleanliness of her house.


Well, a few days after moving in the family decided to go for a walk around. 


Mirelle and Claudia were twins. They were both, very obedient dear daughters. They were 10. Charles was 12 years old and very clever, always ahead running with Lily.


The three children run too far ahead and were spying through the slits in the big old gate, already corroded by the weather and time.   Plants were coming out of the gate through its slits. The children realized that the gate was slightly open.  Who would live in there? -  Charles thought.

Tuned in, Claudia and Mirelle had the same thought. It seems that Lily heard the thoughts of the children as Lily started pushing Charles inside the garden, as if inviting him to follow.  


Curiosity made the children to open the gate a little further, which quickly opened allowing the children to enter the garden.


When the gate opened Lily very quickly run inside with Charles just after her shouting…


“Lily!... Lily!... come... come back here!... Lily... Lily...”he was calling to his cheeky little dog. But Lily did not listen, she was so happy she found a beautiful and large garden to run free.


That garden was a once stage for many receptions, many parties, lights and happiness. But for a long time now, it had not seen the adventures of children that once rolled over in its grass, or made bouquets with its flowers…


Oh! How sad! It was all being neglected.


No flowers were cultivated, only plants with thorns. Everything had been left in the past.


Young weeds and wild flowers were fighting to survive each other, trying to reach sunlight for vital energy.  Some used thorns as a way to defend themselves against animals and insects.


And then, Lily, who was running free and happily went up the clogged up stairs leading to a veranda. It was clogged up with old pieces of wood that had fallen from the ceiling, mixing with the plants born out of humidity created in time that had spread along the stairs.  Lily went up to the end of the veranda’s corridor, till the back door of the House in the Bush. Charles, who was following Lily, suddenly had his attention caught by to an orchard.  ”What a beautiful orchard, what beautiful trees!”


He was enchanted when he saw the apple trees full of beautiful apples, and a huge quantity of apples on the soil.  He took one of them and went back to call for his sisters to see the orchard! 


The children who always had lived in big cities, in small flats, had no idea that a House in the Bush surrounded by trees that produced apples could exist. 


And the apples were real, very different from the wax-apples decorating the dinner table at their house. These apples were real, had a sweet perfume and were beautiful… very beautiful!


Charles rubbed one on his shirt and saw that the glint coming from the apple’s skin almost reflected his image, as if in a mirror.


- Charles thought: - “Wow! Fantastic! And I thought it only existed in the bedtime stories my mother used to tell me when I was little…”


Charles, running towards his parents, started calling his sisters: Claudiaaaaa! Mirelleeeee! Come here to see what beautiful apples...!


At this moment our little cheeky Lily began to bark incessantly, nervously in front of the backdoor of the house.  


She was nowhere to be seen, but could be very well heard.


Although Mirelle called Lily she would not obey. Charles also called but was not obeyed either. It was a very strange behaviour coming from Lily. Carefully, getting away from the rotten wood they manage to reach to where Lily was. 


“I will punish her, Charles thought!”


Lily had never disobeyed before, what could be happening to her?


Then suddenly, they stopped and heard a hoarse voice that seemed to come from very far away!


“Heeelllp... Heeeelllp meeeee…             Heeelllp... Heeeelllp meeee.....

 Heeelllp  meeee... Heeeeellllp...”


They paid more attention and realized that the call for help was coming from inside the house..


Quickly, before answering, Charles run to the gate and called his parents, telling them to come quickly!  Somebody was asking for help inside that old house.


Mr. Jacques quickly entered the garden, went to the backdoor and also heard the appeal for help!  They all could hear a voice that yelled non-stop but now in a weak voice:  - “Help!... Help me!...”


Mr. Jacques reached for the knob and the door opened immediately. 


When they entered the kitchen... how sad! They found and old man with long white hair and beard on the floor.  Suddenly they realised  that he had slipped from a wooden bench while trying to reach for a portrait that for years had been hanging very high on the wall.   


Before any question and aiming at helping Mr. John (the old man with white beard and hair).  Mr. Jacques did not waste any time. Immediately called the ambulance and Mr. John, was taken to the Hospital of the small city.


They all hugged Lily. Dogs have a much better hearing than human beings. 


Lily sensing what had happened inside the house and barking, vigorously, had managed to attract everyone’s attention.


Instead of being punished, the little courageous dog Lily got much praise and tenderness for her brave action.


Indeed, Mr. John had been helped in time. If it was not for Lily’s action, he could have died there by himself and for sure no one would have missed him, since Mr. John had himself kept everybody away from him. 


Two weeks of beautiful sunny spring days had passed. 


One morning, when gathering the correspondence, Mrs. Mary found a small yellowish envelope, apparently very old. She opened it and for her surprise, she read the following:


“My dear friends,

Jacques, Mary, Charles, Mirelle, Claudia and little Lily!


I am pleased to invite you to come to my house on Saturday afternoon.


I want to show my gratitude for your help.


If it was not for you I could have died!



How exciting!


It seemed that that the invitation was directed at Lily, since she was so excited that run from one place to the other barking much more than the usual. Charles, Mirelle and Claudia, could barely wait for Saturday. 


They very much wanted to see Mr. John recover.


 However, they were even more interested in seeing the garden of the House in the Bush, in exploring the beautiful trees, in gathering figs and apples. 


It was possible that little foxes lived there. They would then have the opportunity to see a real baby fox and not only the one in the book of Saint Exupèry. How exciting!


This would be a very different Saturday in their lives.


The much expected day arrived! 


The children got up in the morning, set up their beds, afterwards they what went for shower and to get ready for breakfast.    As it was a Saturday, they did not need to wake up that early, since there was no school.  But that did not matter.  It was far too important that they were awake and making plans for the visit to the House in the Bush, later on, after lunch. 


The neighbours in the street got to know what had happened.


They almost did not believe that the newly arrived Belgian family had already been invited to enter that mysterious house. 


Tens of years had passed and nobody dared to put foot in that private place.


Well, the neighbours got happy!


 Something had changed.  It seemed that the ambiance around the House in the Bush had changed.  Yes, even the air seemed to have a perfume!   The joy of that Saturday, with its brilliant sun was in perfect keeping with the event.


The time to go arrived.


Jacques, Mary, Mirelle, Charles and Claudia, (not forgetting Lily) went out and walked 50 metres. They stopped in front of the big old gate. They looked each other! Without a word to each other they all communicated very well.  They held hands on a silent agreement of strength in the good and crossed the big gate. 


They were walking around the house towards the back when a voice called them:


“Friends, from here”!


They returned and saw Mr. John. – “Good afternoon friends! Through here, through here”... he showed them another side of the entrance, where it seemed to have stairs of pink marble. 


Moving with certain difficulty the bushes that hid the steps, they managed to go through stems even more stems and get to the top of the stairs.


It was a very beautiful veranda from where the whole garden could be seen.  A large double door in carved wood was open for the first time in fifty years.


They entered the room.


The children, who are the hands of Jesus on Earth, being more relaxed embraced Mr. John.  Caught by surprise, he said nothing, was mute.   From his beautiful blue eyes, in the face illuminated with happiness, two tears came down and going along his wrinkled face finished into his white beard


Mr. John said:


Forgive me the emotion. It has been fifty years since I received for the last time the sweet embrace of my three children.  They were your age.  


   He kissed their fronts and embraced them, the three at once. 


Silence was broken by the noise of the children discovering, in the large room, objects they never saw before.  There were hunting trophies hanging in the walls and they were sorry to see heads of deer and other stuffed animals.   The room looked like a museum they had visited in their city.


Mrs. Mary realized that the house had been cleaned in a hurry.   He had taken the dust from the chairs and the large table, where sweet apples, biscuits and a teapot with hot tea were now ready waiting for the guests. 


It was Mr. John’s way to thank the help he got from his new neighbours, or better, his friends!


When Mr. John saw little Lily, he got down on his knees with some difficulty, took her on his lap and tenderly embraced her, while stroking her fur and saying to her:


  - Thanks little Lily!”  “Thanks for having heard my request for help. If it was not for you, for all of you, looking at all of them, what would have been of me? Where would I be now?  I could have died as my dear loved ones fifty years ago.”

He was going to continue talking but was interrupted by the request of the children.


-  Mr. John, can we visit your apple trees, and play in your orchard?


It will be a pleasure to see you playing under the trees, my little ones, answered Mr. John. 


Their parents also agreed to it.


The three children left the house running happily, followed by their attentive little friend, Lily.


Mr. John, told his new friends what caused the accident in the kitchen.


From time to time he used to take the portrait where he kept the pictures of his wife and 3 children putting the portrait to his heart.  He cried for many and many hours incapable of accepting their abrupt departure. 


Mr. John did not believe that the spirit was immortal, that there was no death. He did not believe that life is composed of many existences and that in each existence the spirit progresses.


But he was talking about the pictures in the portrait and saying: 


“These are the pictures of my wife and three little children, who died when a carriage in which they were coming back home, fell into a river on a stormy day”. 


“They were coming from school around 4 miles from here.  The landscape was much different at that time.  There were no houses nearby”.   

The horse got frightened and the carriage dived into the river.  There was nobody to help them.  The driver and the governess… all died”.


“Since then”, said Mr. John, “I had no more happiness.  I decided to live by myself, enclosed and alone in this house”.


Later, slowly everybody left me and age started to come and I stayed here just waiting for the time of my death. 


At this point, Monsieur Jacques, who was a spiritualised man and very religious and cultivated charity in his heart, looking for spiritual inspiration took the opportunity and with few words explained to Mr. John about the wonders of the after life, that nobody dies. He told Mr. John about the immense work of the Spirits, codified by Allan Kardec.


Mr. John got interested and they agreed to start a reading to allow Mr. John to obtain enlightenment about the after life. There were so many questions that Mr. John asked to Jacques, that he decided to go to his house and brought a fabulous gift for Mr. John, “The Spirits’ Book.”


Giving the book to Mr. John, he said:

 - “Dear friend, everything in life has a reason for its existance.  There are no coincidences.  Neither victims nor punishments.  Neither heaven nor hell has such physical spaces.  In this book you will find all answers to your questions. 


Continuing, Jacques said: - “Thus, dear John, if you want, we can study together and say prayers of gratitude to God, to our Master Jesus for having put us in the pathway of each other.   Together in prayer, walking towards the same direction, which is the spiritual evolution of each one of us.”


Mr. John cried in gratitude.   In years he had never had guests that caring.  He had never seen a book like that.  These were simple people who came to bring him soothing to this sufferance of so many years.


He thought:


Certainly coincidences do not exist. I am the prove of it. I am here, healthy again thanks to you, friends of my heart. 


At a certain point the children come back, happily, with Lily always smiling.


The little dog jumps onto the lap of Mr. John.


The children do the same and they all smile happily.


They were a happy family reunited.


From the spiritual world, four illuminated spirits also smile.


These were Mr. John’s wife and children who had always been besides him, giving help from the Spiritual World. 


They were happy, yes, because, Monsieur Jacques’s family had listened to them through intuition.


Due to these events, happiness came back to  Mr. John’s heart.


The House in the Bush would not be called in this way, but  The House in the Orchard.


As from that day, Mr. John started to invite all neighbours and all who wished to gather apples, figs and to make picnics in this garden. 


The neighbours loved such change.


Each one who would go there to gather apples helped to cut the grass, the old stems of the trees, planting and gathering what made the community, the whole village very happy. 


Mr. John became loved by all, adults and children.


There were far too many invitations for tea from his neighbours for him to be able to make it.


We always must have it in mind that whatever happened to us, has a reason to be. We must have always a heart grateful to God, because some good learning experiences will be derived from the easy and the difficult situations in our existences.




The Spiritual Benefactors who are our Guardian Angels that inspire us, my grandchildren who are the light of my soul, my friends that encourage me, to Elsa de Almeida (UK) who helped with the translation, and Alec Gifford (UK), who revised this Electronic Edition into English.


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® Author of text Elsa Rossi

Translator – Elsa Almeida  UK

Revision and Translation- Alec Gifford  UK, 7th January 2008




Learning How to Pray









Elsa Rossi




Translated by Luciana Moliterno

Revised by Russ Davis


Table of Contents


Preface. i



My Morning Prayer 1

My First Prayer of the “Lord’s Prayer” 2

Prayer to Jesus. 3

Prayer to My Guardian Angel 4

Prayer for My Parents. 5

Prayer to Jesus. 6

Prayer for My Grandma. 7

Prayer to Ask for Forgiveness. 8

Prayer for My Aunts and Uncles. 9

Prayer for Mum’s Plants. 10

Prayer for My Dad. 11

Prayer for My Ill Dog. 12

Prayer for My Grand Mother’s Neighbour 13

Prayer for Mother’s Day. 14

Prayer for My Teacher 15

Prayer for My Brothers and Sisters. 16

Prayer for the Sunny and Rainy Days. 17

Prayer to Keep Me Healthy. 18

Prayer for Peace (Part 1) 19

Prayer for Peace (Part 2) 20

Prayer for My Friend Who is Ill 21

Prayer for the Love in the World. 22

Prayer for the Holiday Trip. 23

Prayer for the Friends that Returned to the Spiritual World. 24

Prayer for Getting Better 25

Prayer for My Ill Cat 26

Prayer for my Dad. 27

Prayer of Gratitude. 28

My Notes. 29

My Notes. 30

My Notes. 31






Dear God,


Today I heard the prayer “Our Father…”


I liked it so much; I want to learn how to pray that way.


“God, I already know you are the Father of all of us.  I also learned that you are everywhere. So, I want to ask that  you protect everyday the children who can not go to school, who have no books, pencils or notebooks because they are poor.


Help all of them my friend dear God not to become sad for their situation.


Thank you God, for helping all the poor children of the world.”


My Morning Prayer



Dear Jesus!


Thank you for the quiet night and nice dreams that I had.


Thank you for the beautiful day that is breaking.


I wanted to ask you my dear Jesus,  that you protect my Mum, my Dad, my Brothers and Sisters and all of us this day.


I know my dear friend Jesus, that when we talk to you early I the morning, our day becomes much better!


Thank you, Jesus for protecting us today.


My First Prayer of the “Lord’s Prayer”



Dear Lord, I’ve been told me that it’s very important to learn how to pray “Our Father,” but that I should not just simply memorise the words, but pray with my heart!


“Our Father who art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy name,

Thy Kingdom come,

Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread.

Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.

Lead us not into temptation and deliver us from evil.  Amen”



Prayer to Jesus


Dear Jesus, “I want to ask you to help me be a good child that shows respect to my parents, teachers and others.


Please help me to not complain when I’m asked to put away the toys I’ve scattered on the floor and organize them in their proper places.


Also, please bless my family and loved ones.”


Thank you very much, Jesus!



Prayer to My Guardian Angel


My dear Guardian Angel, I am very happy because I know that you protect me day and night. When I feel sad, I think of you and feel happier.


When I am home alone, I feel your presence and have no fear.


I know you were sent by God to take care of me and to protect me.


Thank you so much, my Guardian Angel!


 Prayer for My Parents


“Good and loving Lord, thank you because |I was born into this home of loving parents.


They are my best friends.


They always worry about me and do the best they can for me to grow healthy and educated.


Please my God, always protect my parents.”



Prayer to Jesus


My Dad calls you the greatest brother which I think is very interesting.


I am a very happy child because I know that you live in my heart.


I’ve learned that you are the greatest example of love that we have on earth.


I want you to know my Dear Jesus, that I always think of you and don’t want you to be sad about anything; that’s why I am a child that wants to learn to love everyone in your name.


“Thank you for loving us so much, Jesus!” 

Prayer for My Grandma


Dear Lord, my Grandma is the best in the world.  She is always in a good mood and helps me with my hardest problems.


Please help my Grandma not to become sick or have to move to a distant place, because I love her so much.


Dear God, always protect my Grandma.


Thank you Dear Lord!

Prayer to Ask for Forgiveness


Dear Jesus, please forgive my for I fought with my (brother, sister, or _____) today.


I know that if I go and say I’m sorry and I won’t do this again they will forgive me.


My Dear Jesus, please forgive me also!


I try not to get angry but sometimes can’t stop it.


Thank you Dear Jesus for “helping me to forgive or agree again with those I care for.”


Prayer for My Aunts and Uncles


Dear Jesus, I’ve learned to pray for all my family.


Today, “I want to ask special for my Aunts and Uncles, for they are my dear friends.


They always help my Parents so, I wish that you can help them to healthy and happy.”


Thank you, for protecting my Dear Aunts and Uncles.”


Prayer for Mum’s Plants


Dear Jesus! 


Mum was very happy today because the plants she cultivates with so much love, are blooming.


Please Jesus, “take care of her plants and garden. Let them always be green, healthy and flower with good scents so Mum will be happy.”


“Thank you Jesus, for granting this wish, it makes me very happy.”


Prayer for My Dad


Dear God, please take care of my Dad wherever he is, at work, driving, on travel or protecting our family and way of life.


He is the best Father in the world and he is very patient with me and my brothers and sisters.


My Mum said “he works hard so that we can go to school and have this good home.”


Dear God, when I grow up “help me to help my Dad.”


Thank you, God, for protecting my Dad.


Prayer for My Ill Dog


Dear Jesus, my dog is ill and Mum doesn’t let me be close to him until he gets better. 


I love him so much and ask my friend Jesus to help my little dog get better soon.


Mum said he is seriously ill, but I trust that you will help him in the best way.


Thank you Jesus for helping my dog.


Prayer for My Grand Mother’s Neighbour


Dear Jesus, my Grandmother told me that we should pray for those who are sick.


I heard my Grandma say that her neighbour was in the Hospital.  I want to ask my friend Jesus, to help her to get better and not to feel pain and to get well soon, so she can go home.


Thank you Dear Jesus, for helping my Grandmother’s neighbour to be well again.


Prayer for Mother’s Day


Dear mother of Jesus,


I know that your name is Mary and you were born in Nazareth. 


I want to thank you because I know you help all the Mother’s in the world.


I ask you to protect my Mum and Grandma.


Mother’s Day is also your day!


My Dad always says that Jesus is the most illuminated friend we have.


Thank you for being the Mother of Jesus!

Prayer for My Teacher


Dear God, I ask you to help my teacher.  She is very dear, even if she scolds us or has to give us a lecture.


I ask you to give her lots of patience to deal with all the children;  and to give her the energy and health to keep up with our jokes and plays.


I also ask that she does not give us tests that are too difficult.


Please my God, protect my teacher!

Prayer for My Brothers and Sisters


Dear Jesus, Today I want to ask you in a special way for your assistance with my brother (sister).


Please help me to have them stop taking my toys and tearing my school books.


They are little and I know they don’t understand what they are doing to me;  it annoys me  but I love him (her) a lot.


Please my friend Jesus, protect my brothers and sisters.


Prayer for the Sunny and Rainy Days


Dear God,


My Mum always tells me that we have to thank you for the beautiful sunny days and also for the rainy days.


This beautiful sunny day reminded me I should thank you for the sun.


We wake up early and with the energy to go to school feeling happy under the warm sun.


I am thankful my God for the nice sunny and rainy days.


Prayer to Keep Me Healthy


Dear God,


My Grandma always says that our greatest treasure is our health.


So my God, I want to ask you to always keep me healthy, so that I can grow up strong and able to help everyone who has more need than I.


I will be able to do this when I grow up.


Please God, help me to always be healthy.


Prayer for Peace (Part 1)


Dear Jesus, I don’t like wars.


I say my Dad praying and I’m trying to do the same but with my words.


I still don’t know how to pray properly, as I am still learning.


Dear Jesus, may your light illuminate the hearts of those people that make war.


Prayer for Peace (Part 2)


Dear Jesus, I don’t know why people make war; it is a bad thing.


Please Dear Jesus, don’t let men spend money on war because this way they won’t even need money for peace.


Thank you Jesus for helping the world to live in peace!


Prayer for My Friend Who is Ill


Dear Jesus,


I’d like to pray and ask for your help.  I know that you always listen to me and help me.


So, I want to ask your help for my friend who is ill and can’t go to school.  He is my best friend.


Can you go to see him and heal him?


I know you can, so I want to thank you for helping my friend to get well soon.


Prayer for the Love in the World


Dear Jesus,


My Dad always starts to pray by asking for protection for the world. 


I want to do just like him ands ask you to protect the world and to make love grow in people’s hearts.


May love be the smile in everybody, the joy of life and this way we all can be good neighbours and live in harmony?


Please Jesus, help the world to progress towards love!


Prayer for the Holiday Trip


Dear God,


We are leaving on holiday and I would like to ask you God of goodness, to help us to have a nice trip.


May all the roads be protected so that no accidents or problems occur?


Please God, help all the drivers to be calm and patient on the road.


Thank you my God, for helping us whilst on holiday! 

Prayer for the Friends that Returned to the Spiritual World


Dear Jesus, I am a bit sad!


My best friend (s) returned to the spiritual world and Mum said that they still live.  She also said I can pray for them because it makes them happy.


Jesus, I want my friends to always be happy.


Please help my friends to continue feeling happy the way they used to be when they came to play in the backyard of my house.


Thank you Jesus for helping them!


Prayer for Getting Better


Dear Jesus, today I couldn’t go to school because I was sick.


Mum read me a message from the prayer’s book and put her hand on my head and gave me medicine with “fluidified” water.


She told me that you Dear Jesus, will help me to get well soon, so that I can go back to school and play with my friends.


Thank you, Jesus, for helping me to get better!

Prayer for My Ill Cat


Dear Jesus, my little cat likes to play and it makes us laugh a lot.


Today he is not well, it is sad and refused to eat.  Dad had to take him to the vet where I know he will get better.


Mummy said that we can pray for the animals.  She also told me that w should leave him alone and give him some time to get better.


I am praying to you Dear Jesus, to ask for your help for my little cat to get better soon. 

Prayer for my Dad


Dear God!


Today Dad was sad and he took a long time making calculations.  I heard him tell Mum, life was not easy.


I think life is so easy, so good but if Dad said that, it must be hard for him.


I’d like to see Dear God, if you could help Dad not to worry so much about the house expenses and help him to progress in his job, so that he can think life is easy too!


Thank you, God, for helping my Dad to be less sad!


Prayer of Gratitude


Dear Jesus, yesterday I prayed to God, who is our Father, to help my Dad feel less sad.


God listened to my prayer because today he came home from work smiling and happy.


I know that God helped him because he found a better job and he won’t have to worry so much about bills.


When you talk to your Dad, Dear Jesus, give him a hug for me.


Thank you Jesus!


My Notes








 Copyright Elsa Rossi-UK