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Children are our Future.

The sound of my heart

My heart is full of gratitude
For every moment that I passed there,
You touch my soul in love and peace,
As I discover your kindness and blessings

My words, are so shy to say: "Thank you".
Please, hear the sound of my heart
Full of gratitude and love,
For everything I received there.

We are brothers and sisters,
In the Name of our Dear Lord.
May Jesus guide and inspire us always,
So we can be confident to help and love.

Perhaps one day, in the near future,
We can met again here or there or anywhere.
Since we have had this opportunity,
We are one big family in the world.

author: Elsa Rossi

Copyright © 2009

New awakening

I tried

But in vain!
I close my eyes
But your enlightened face
Remains very clear to my  ethereal eyes.
Feelings do not age
Nor can one stop the dawning
Or awakening of a new love
Curiosity and apprehension
Blend inside my heart

Creating the sweet  smell of a new flower.
Still I try

Nevertheless I no longer care
If I became weak
Before your sweet image,
That became so dear to me

I close my eyes and I sleep

Knowing it is you I am looking for
It is you I am waiting for
Beyond the night and the day
If you will come
I do not know
I am happy just to live
Once again
The thrilling and motionless feeling
Of a silent love.

By Elsa Rossi

Oct / 08

The meaning of life


Dearest friends, this is a special moment.

Your souls commune in light under the blessings of the Almighty.

The blue sky reflects the anchors of sunlight upon the Earth.

Flowers spread their thousand colours all around

All simple expressions of love,

So that the hearts who love each other

may be anchored by eternal, beautiful nature.


The union of your souls exchanging loving energy and joy,

Makes the pathway smoother to build the dream of a home

The words come down from your minds and turn into artwork on your lips

When you declare your true, purest love

Reading into each others´ eyes

that which only you two can understand

There is sound in the air, yet we cannot hear it

The sound of bells

Bringing a sparkle to the celebration in your hearts

With the sweet ringing of songs

A surprise kiss

The bride

The groom

The pathway

Hand in hand

Closely embracing

On your way home

Step by step

It is the meaning of life.                     

Elsa Rossi - 23rd April 2008

My memories



His sweet glance invades

My soul and produces

My return to youth

In its splendour of light!


Your voice finds within me

A resounding echo

A song of love that affronts

Making me think about things


I love you silently

And in the silence of life

I place in the corner of my soul

A lost tear!


Copyright ©2006 Elsa Rossi

 (revised by Janet Duncan-2006)


My Heart


My heart is

full of Joy

full of Love

full of Pray

full of God!

My heart is

less of fears

less of pain

less of tears



Copyright ©2006 Elsa Rossi

Thank God!


We thank God

for already conquering 

the condition of forgiveness

and understanding... 

while many people

are still continuing 

to offend and hurt others

 and are in need

 of the forgiveness

 and understanding!


Copyright ©2006 Elsa Rossi


Sand Beach


My world when I was a child

it was the sea and the sand

where the screams of seagulls

many times still turn

in the bottom of my heart.


The tiny grains of sand,

in days of full moon

they drip for my hands,

in colours silver platinum

at the rosary of my destiny

in the corners of my heart


Copyright ©2006 Elsa Rossi