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‘Mediumship and Spiritism’

Elsa Rossi

Mediumship accompanied me from an early age. The visions I experienced while in the cradle are still very fresh in my mind.

Born into a Catholic family, I had my first Holy Communion when I was eight, a common practice in Brazil.

When I was eleven years old, a little before going to bed, I felt a hand caressing my head and heard a sound like small stones rolling on the wooden floor of our house. Then I said to my mother, ‘mummy, I am feeling something like how my godfather Ney strokes my head, and how the little stones roll on the floor when we play’.

At that time, there were no telephones, televisions, nor any rapid way of communication except for telegram. But the following day, at noon, a telegram arrived saying that my godfather died, exactly at the time I felt his presence beside me.

The small rosary blessed by the priest, and the catechism book, were both my inseparable companions. Every night, as a child, the rosary had to be touched and a prayer said. To me the presence of a spirit, which appeared in my prayers, and which I saw as being the mother of Jesus, was then very normal. I told others about this but nobody seemed to take me seriously. In view of this, I stopped mentioning it anymore.


When I was sixteen, I started having fainting spells but the doctor’s tests did not show anything wrong. It was about this time that my mother took me to a medium for healing. When we arrived there, it was clear to my perception that the gentle spirit doctor I encountered, who ‘came through’ that small lady was named Andre Luiz. Two days later I was cured and I have never fainted since.

I did not then understand anything about Spiritism, and continued to attend the Catholic Church where I got married and had my children baptized. When my mother-in-law died, I was devastated. Twelve days after her departure to the spiritual world, her spirit appeared and told me not to cry as she ‘did not die’. Then I said: ‘but grandma, I saw you in the coffin and I went to your funeral. How can you tell me that you did not die?’ What happened next was something that I only came to understand years later.

In a split second, there was I, in spirit, together with the spirit of my mother-in-law, looking at small field of strawberries that was behind our yard. Then she said, ‘now my body is used as a fertilizer for the strawberries. But I am still alive. I did not die’.

I then asked her. ‘but if you did not die, where are you?’ Without immediately answering, we went at speed through a kind of tunnel with an incredible spiral motion, and I found myself in a place which I did not want to leave. There was my mother-in-law, very elegant as always, besides me dressed in her grey couture and her usual pearl necklace. Then she said, ‘I live here’. I asked, ‘what about grandpa Eduardo?’ (Eduardo was the father of my husband who died when my husband was only eight years old.) She replied, ‘he is in a more elevated place’.

It was then that I noticed something strange. There were no houses and all people were dressed in the same kind of clothes, which seemed to be a long mantle from the neck to the feet, with only the head visible. The colour of this long tunic was a very light pink and as I could not see their feet, they seem to levitate in the air. Another thing that caught my attention was the grass. It was like an immense and beautiful field, as smooth as a golf course. And there was more – everywhere a nice fragrance in the air and gentle classical music. But there was no speakers or other equipment to produce the music. How could it be possible?


Then I heard my daughter crying, and I found myself back beside her bed, where I had been putting her down to sleep after lunch.

Many other things happened to me. From time to time, my husband did invite me to attend the Spiritist group but I was strongly opposed to this. He, like my grandma was a Spiritist but since we married, I had avoided going to Spiritist centres, or reading any Spiritist books at home.

Years latter, we moved to Londrina, in the north of the state of Parana, where my third daughter, Giovana, was born. She was strong and full of health, but when she was three months old she began to have paroxysms of crying, that worried us very much. We took her to a paediatrician and many people gave valuable advice, but nothing worked. One night, I was beside Giovana cuddling and trying to calm her, when I saw a spirit, in ragged clothes and with a deathlike appearance. It was trying to frighten me saying, ‘someone in this house will die’.

It seemed to me I was in another dimension. I screamed in horror, and awoke my husband, who was familiar with such phenomena. He was not scared but simply said a prayer, which calmed me and I went to sleep.


The next day, I agreed to attend a Spiritist group. As we were new to the city, we still did not know the streets or place names. Having been given the address of a Spiritist group, we spent a long time searching for it, without finding it.

We had information that in such and such a block we should find the Spiritist group, but where it was, no one could tell us correctly. It was then that my husband said to me. ‘The children are tired of going around in the car and we are almost out of petrol. Let’s stop at that petrol station. Tomorrow we will get better information about where to go’. We drew up at the petrol station and there on the wall of the building, written in big letters was ‘Our Home Spiritist Centre’. I pointed out to my husband the writing on the wall and we laughed for joy. Today I know that it was not by chance that we stopped there.

We knocked on the door of the centre and a man with grey hair, Mr Olympio or ‘Grandpa Olympio’ welcomed us. My husband immediately bought a collection of Spiritist books by Andre Luiz, Allan Kardec, Emmanuel, Divaldo Franco, and others. Mr Olympio advised us to return that the evening for a public lecture that was taking place.

We attended the lecture. Afterwards I was called into a room. I sat down opposite three people who I now know were mediums. They gave me a pass (blessing) and afterwards they asked me to wait in another room. From there, I could hear moaning and voices. The mediums were communicating with the spirit that had been tormenting my little daughter Giovana. The spirit, coming through one of the mediums acting as a channel, was being indoctrinated by other two mediums.


I agreed to go the following Sunday and take the children along to the programme for Moral Spiritist Education for Children, where they would also each receive the pass. We parents were in a Spiritist philosophical and religious study group, where I learned much that would help in the education of my children and in finding harmony in my home.

I never left the Spiritist movement again and today I am able to help those who experience mediumistic phenomena, which can happen to anyone. It is in the Law of Nature; the spiritual emanations are everywhere and compose the Universe. Firstly, we are spirits that are incarnated in a physical body for a period of time. We have the opportunity to reincarnate as many times as necessary in order to achieve our spiritual evolvement. The use of our free-will is the rudder of our destiny. Further, there is no evolvement without knowing that the ‘two wings of our spiritual aircraft must be balanced’, the wings of moral and intellectual knowledge. This is the responsibility of every person.


Going to the Spiritist group on Sunday mornings, without any material cost, had renewed something very important within me and which has stayed with me for the rest of my life. The children remained in a classroom with the educators, while my husband and I continued to attend the study group for parents. The group was created in order to help them to contribute to their children's education, which is very important today. Each child educated in a Christian religion, whose objectives are love and charity and the evolution of good, grows healthier morally and spiritually, so making the education at home easier.

With each meeting I feel closer to Jesus. What a wonderful thing! It was exactly what I had been looking for many years, to get to know myself truly. I found answers to ‘God’s mysteries’ that Catholicism does not explain. I have no more fears about hell. I have learned that we are all equal before God, I know from where I came and where I am going, why we are on earth, what is the nature of God and that life does not end with death. Through this, I can help my English friends who here in Britain are in despair, especially when they lose their parents without having taken the opportunity to tell them that they loved them, even when living far away from them.


My Mediumship continued with premonitions, meeting others during ‘sleep’, when the spirit releases itself from the body and travels to the spiritual world for the purpose of learning or helping wherever it is necessary. (Spirits do not sleep; they do not have material needs as we do. This is because we are still connected to the physical body by the famous ‘silver cord’ which, according to the research of one Spiritist Neuropsychiatrist is located on the pineal gland.) Importantly, I have learnt to live with Mediumship - no more fears but a disposition to help.

It is a habit of many Spiritist families to meet, pray and study at home the Gospel according to Spiritism. During these meetings, I very often saw spirits whose objective was to give support and help for our home. Some of them transmitted consoling messages through my mind and I could receive them without necessarily being in trance. It was now a normal and wonderful thing for us, not something supernatural.

One day, my husband was unable to join us for our prayers and when the time came, my children and I started the meeting. We were at the table; I said the opening prayer when I saw a spirit coming to sit on the chair where my husband usually seats. This spirit had an intense and bright light around him that I could see it clearly. His presence and his goodness inundated the spiritual atmosphere of the room with peace and joy. He sat with his head bowed. He was wearing a cape like those of the Franciscan order; a light colour, beautiful but not white. His luminosity was brighter than his cape. After the prayer I told my children what was happening and that we all were receiving rays of light.

Years later, my husband had to face cancer, without hope of being cured. Even knowing that there was no cure for the body, his spirit remained in peace, with an inner joy and without despair. By this time, our children had already grown up, being 15, 18 and 19 years. They were confident and helped with passes so that their father did not need the morphine the doctors had prescribed. By merit before the eyes of God and by the action of the passes and prayers, he did not have any pain and returned to the spiritual world with serenity, leaving an example of dignity for our friends and all the family.

In my husband’s family, there were eight doctors amongst brothers and nephews. Some of them already knew the Spiritist doctrine and could appreciate the spiritual level my husband had acquired.

Two years later I was invited to participate in the work of spirit attachment and release that began, and continues to this day, at the Bom Retiro Spiritist Psychiatry Hospital, in Curitiba, Brazil, where we had begun living at the time of my husband’s illness. To begin with I was reluctant working in this hospital, as I was told that it is not every medium who can work with spiritual attachment and release. After five years, I asked if the invitation was still valid. Fifteen days later, my spiritual benefactors said yes. I was now ready and prepared to work and help patients with mental illness in the hospital.

It has been one of the most intensive experiences of my life. The participants of these meetings are psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, nurses and people like me. All the meetings are recorded and afterwards each spiritual case is studied deeply, especially the connection between spirit and patient. In this way, the doctors are able to know about situations that were never divulged by the family or the patients.


Although the hospital is within the town, it has land with lots of trees, and a little forest. I remember meeting in trance a spirit that was in a terrible state. He was living there, among some dead trees, coming and going to the hospital and feeling terrified because nobody could hear him. He did not know that he had discarnated many years before. He was able to be released, receiving spiritual help according to the law of cause and effect, as described in detail by Allan Kardec in the ‘Spirits’ Book’, ‘Genesis’, and ‘Heaven and Hell’.

While participating in these Mediumship meetings I had seen a dozen such cases. Some months later, I moved to the UK. It was only then that I fully appreciated the preparation I had all those years in Brazil, and that now gives me the support, strength and courage for the work we do here, helping spirits unable to move on to understand that death does not exist but is only a passage from one vibratory state to another.

In our Mediumship meetings we have helped many spirits (up to a maximum of three per week, since I am the only medium in this small group).


There are spirits who communicate in an unknown language, yet I can understand the message (I am sure the language was already known to me from past incarnations). There are spirits of young people who do not know they have already discarnated and an immense number of spirits from Britain who never believed in life after death and are surprised that they are still ‘alive’. Their situation is explained to them and they are then taken to places of recovery in the spirit world that specifically exist for this purpose. The biggest such spiritual colony is called Spiritual Home (Nosso Lar), already described in a publication with the same name by the spirit of Andre Luiz. There is another colony named Alvorada Nova (New Dawn) and others that are over the spiritual domains of the UK, Finland and elsewhere.


There are now many scientists who go to Brazil, in order to research Spiritist Mediumship. The Mediumship explained by the spirits in ‘The Mediums’ Book’, (dictated by them and compiled by Allan Kardec) is, in fact, the door to show to mankind that there are no mad people, but only spirits in need. Many of them, filled with vengeance from the past, by hatred and other vicissitudes persecute incarnated people. Incarnated people in turn may persecute the disincarnated. Over thousands of years a vicious circle gets set up. So, for us Spiritist, all madness is taken as a sign of spirit attachment.


With much peace,

Elsa Rossi   -    http://www.rcpsych.ac.uk/pdf/ERossiMediumshipSpiritism.pdf


People interested in learning more about Spiritism in the UK can contact the BUSS - www.buss.org.uk

Further suggested reading

1. The Spirits’ Book by Allan Kardec. EDICEI

2. The Mediums Book by Allan Kardec. EDICEI.

3. Heaven and Hell by Allan Kardec Spiritist, EDICEI

4. 5. Obsession (Spirit Attachment) by Divaldo Franco - LEAL Publisher 

6. Disobsession by Francisco C. Xavier / W. Vieira- Andre Luiz (spirit) - EDICEI 


© Elsa Rossi 2005



From Dr. L. Moriyama

I had just come back from a long weekend in Croatia with my boyfriend and was quite busy at work when Andre called me. He said “Dona Elsa” (Dona is how we say Lady in Portuguese) was very sick at St Mary’s hospital. He invited me to join him in visiting her.


I was perplexed. Elsa had called me a few days ago. As soon as I said I was travelling, she told me it was just “something silly.” “Dear, have fun on your trip and maybe call me when you are back.” I had not called her when I returned to London as I was very busy. At that time it did not even cross mind that she had been in hospital for more than a week and was probably going to need emergency surgery if things did not get resolved in the next few days.


I went to the hospital with Andre. When we arrived we could not see her because she was undergoing a procedure with the nurses. Being a doctor myself I felt like talking to someone about the situation. A kind nurse explained briefly that Elsa was having intestinal obstruction and could need surgery in the next few days. I and Andre anxiously waited to talk to her for more than 30 minutes.


When we finally did, I was amazed by the good news: things had just turned better. She probably would not need the surgery. I, Andre, Elsa and her great friend Beth united in a moment of meditation and prayer thanking God for the good course things had taken.


When we finished, Elsa (still pale and very tired) thanked us many times for the visit and said how worried she had been that things could have been worse. “Laura, dear, can you imagine that I may have had to undergo an operation? That would have been horrible because I have left so many things undone this week in the organization of the Spiritist meeting…” She was not worried about herself!


I asked her why she did not explain the situation to me before. “Oh, darling, you are so busy. When you take a few days out you should enjoy yourself and not be worried about your friends. That is why I did not say a word.”


When we were leaving she asked Andre to email her daughter and tell her not to worry.  As I had a camera we registered this moment and I said I would send it to her daughter. She immediately said “Oh, my… Let me put some lipstick on!”


And here it goes…. Just look at this woman, full of faith and love. It could just be my perception, but don’t you think she is just an amazing person and worthy of admiration?

Laura Moryama – July 2007 - London-UK

Revised by Bhav